What type of Van Graphics should I choose?

Many people remember the days of the hand painted signwritten vehicles. This was indeed a specialist trade and there were many masterful sign applicators. An obvious disadvantage of having the vehicle painted in this way is when it comes to resale of the vehicle. One of the biggest changes to the sign industry came cerca 1950 with the introduction of a revolutionary new ‘cut-vinyl’ technology becoming more and more prominent.

Calendered and Cast Vinyl

The material comes in various grades with different types of adhesive, either permanent or removable. The varieties of vinyl essentially come down to two types – cast and calendered. These terms refer to the method of manufacture, calendered being stretched through rollers while cast being laid out flat without stretching. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cast vinyl is the more expensive choice but allows the graphic applicator to apply graphics even in deep recesses or other challenging areas and substrates. Calendered vinyl is ideal for a wide range of applications but restricted to application on flat panels rather than over recesses. At DIY Van Graphics we primarily use a combination of 3M Scotchcal 30 and 50 series vinyl, although all jobs are carefully considered to ensure the best material is used, either calendered or cast vinyl.

Vinyl Wrap or Cut Vinyl?

At DIY van graphics we will be the first to say that some of the vinyl wrap graphics around at the moment are absolutely amazing! The skill and professionalism of these graphics fitters is akin to the signwriters of old. They have truely mastered their craft. While it is true that a vinyl wrap can often be quite stunning, at DIY Van Graphics we also consider offering our clients the best possible value for money. The cost of a full or part vinyl vehicle wrap can be very high. Another factor to consider is the fact that your vehicle can be off the road for a few days and losing business. For years cut-vinyl has offered a professional and cost-effective method of branding and advertising that takes some beating for return on investment. With an average cost of £100 for a van graphics kit (compared with £1000-3000+ for a vinyl wrap) we are finding that many businesses (including fleets) have been carefully assessing their vehicle graphics requirements and in many cases the cut-vinyl graphics have been the perfect choice of quality and value.

Examples of cut vinyl graphics

Even today hundreds of professional businesses are choosing cut-vinyl for their fleet graphics. Below are a few examples:-

cut vinyl graphics

Cut Vinyl Lorry Graphics

creative cut vinyl graphics