Fitting Instructions

The following instructions are provided as a general guide only. All our graphics kits
are made in such a way so as to be a relatively easy DIY fit for most people, however,
we cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect fitting of this product.

You may wish to email us if you have any concerns or questions and we will do our
best to help.

1) Clean the vehicle thoroughly but do not use wax polish, this will stop the
graphics from sticking.

2) Line up the graphic carefully with tape measure then secure in place with
masking tape.

3) Use a strip of masking tape along the top of the graphic to secure it.

4) Remove the paper from behind the graphic.

5) Progressively apply the graphic with the plastic applicator provided.

6) Now that the graphic has been applied, finally remove the protective masking
paper from the front of the graphic. Do this slowly to avoid damaging the

7) Depending on where the graphic is applied you may need to cut carefully
along the door shut lines and wheel arches with a scalpel.

8) In the event of air bubbles, use a pin at the edge of the bubble then carefully
proceed to remove the air.